Mended- Matthew West

“When you see broken beyond repair, I see healing beyond belief. When you see too far gone, I see one step away from home. You see nothing but damaged goods. I see something good in the making. I’m not finished yet.
When you see wounded, I see mended… You see worthless, but I see priceless. You see pain, but I see a purpose.” –Matthew West

There comes a time in every one of your lives when you have to replace something. It could venture anywhere from your clothes to a car or to a friend. Nothing in this life we live is permanent. Even we are going to be gone one day, but unlike appliances, we can’t be replaced. We’ve made our mark on the world.

Matthew West is personally one of my favorite song artists. This song, “Mended” is a perfect example of why he is so awesome! When you look in the mirror, you don’t see perfection. There’s always something you want gone, whether it be acne or excess weight, you want it gone! We look in the mirror and see broken.

God, on the other hand, sees something else. As Matthew West says, God sees healing beyond belief. When you feel yourself shifting and moving further and further away, God sees you closest to home than you’ve ever been. He’s sees perfection, not damaged goods. You are not broken, you are mended, repaired, healed.

We lose sight of who we are. We lose sight of why we are here. We do not live to die, we live to fill a purpose. Once that purpose is filled, we join our father in heaven. I mean, what greater way to be rewarded for fulfilling our purpose than to live eternally with our father in the place he made just for us?


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What if I wrote like that this whole blog? It gets annoying, even to me, the one who is writing in it. Anyways, I want to tell you all a little story. It’s not long at all, probably one of the shortest I’ve ever told on one of my blogs before, but nonetheless, it has a good moral to it. And, it will put that Bigger is Better to rest.

Our church did an experiment one time. The pastors (yes, plural) found a couple people, told them to bring in someone who’s never been to this church before, and leave them be. This new person was to act shy, not interfering, standing alone in the corner, and this person was not to talk to anyone first.

The person was then to report to the pastors and tell them if they felt welcome or not. And, sadly, our church, both of them actually, failed. Our congregation is so big, we need two churches with two services each Sunday morning (except in summertime) and sometimes a Wednesday night worship. That makes a total of 5 a week (sometimes).

A bigger congregation, a bigger church, a bigger crowd is not good. These people who came in didn’t feel welcome, at home, or even noticed. That’s not what we want. We are supposed to welcome anyone, just like God. So the next time you don’t recognize someone in your church, smile, greet them, have a conversation. Even the littlest gesture can make someone feel at home.


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Into The World

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my sister about a certain topic and after getting deep into the conversation, I told her, “You can’t bring something into this world and not love it.” I’ve thought about this sentence over and over again, trying to decide if it is actually true or not. Trying to decide if it was worth writing a blog about.

I’ve thought about people. I’ve thought about some who just leave their baby on a doorstep outside a home or a church. I’ve thought about people who abandon their kids and leave them at hospitals or even police stations. Did these parents really love their kids? Does my sentence work for these people?

I’ve thought about animals. Wolves, as my example, will get rid of any pup who was born with a deformity before they live a week. The runt of any litter is not valued as much as the others, the runts of every animal don’t get the most milk. I mean, why wouldn’t you give the weakest one the best chance to survive?

But, the parents I spoke of earlier had to love their kids. If they didn’t, would they leave their kid somewhere that might be better than the life they are living at home? Would they really not love their kid if they gave the kid a chance to survive and not leave them in the middle of the woods, stranded and alone?

But for animals, it’s a different story. They have to fight to survive, they aren’t like us who are at the top of the food chain. For wolves, getting rid of the weakest link is a way to keep them from being vanished from the pack, from dying of hunger because they can’t hunt. In an animals point of view, that is loving them.

God has a pretty weird way of showing he loves us. I mean, he lets terrorists roam, he lets cancer linger, he allows murderers to live. But, God put us here for a reason. God lets us stay here for a reason. God grants us a place in his house for going through what we go through on Earth. If God didn’t love us, why are we here, why do we have friends, family, hope, faith and love?

I assure you God loves us, he just has a weird way of showing it…


The Cure

I remember reading this one quote and it said something like, “The love of God is like the cure for cancer, it is too valuable to keep to yourself and it will save you.” I don’t know where I saw it, when I saw it, or who said it but I can tell you I would’ve never thought about it that way. And, it totally makes sense.

I have like, so much to write about this, but I got to keep it short. I was listening to K-LOVE (a radio station) and this lady who was a cashier at a grocery store felt like God was telling her to say to this lady she was checking out that God loves her and didn’t forget about her. She thought this little voice was crazy, but she did it.

The other lady burst into tears and said that she was battling cancer and she really needed to hear that. That was pretty cool to hear. Oh, and, have you ever heard of ‘dead’ faith? Dead faith is when you believe, but you don’t do anything to show that you believe. You don’t help people, you don’t pray, you do nothing.

Is it really faith if you do nothing about it? Can you believe in the ways of Christ if you can’t do anything like that? That’s kind of why I call it dead faith. It’s not alive, it’s dead because you don’t do anything to help it grow. Faith is a hard thing to have if you don’t do anything to nurture it. I agree, sometimes it’s hard, but if you follow your gut, it can lead you to things like that women I mentioned before.

God is the cure. God is the only one who can save us from sin. If you truly believed that God is the one thing that could save you, you wouldn’t keep him to yourself. This is why I write this blog. I find it hard to talk about God, but if I write, I can reach so many other people that talking to one person. So, I challenge you to share God with at least one person this week, because that’s all it takes.


God and the Storm

“Don’t tell God how big the storm is, tell the storm how big your God is.”-Anonymous

We have this saying as a magnet on our fridge. I keep reading it every time I open the fridge, which is a lot. I keep looking at it, liking the saying, but trying to make sense of it. Like, what’s the storm? How are you supposed to tell the storm how big your God is if you can’t even find the storm itself?

I tried saying that it’s life, you know, everything bad that’s happening. Like, you lost your house, lost a job, a family member, a pet, a friend, or your way. All of that sure seems like a storm to me, right? But, then life has some good moments, like a birth of a child, a new best friend, a dream, a family… The list goes on and on.

That doesn’t seem like a storm, but even storms like hurricanes have that one moment where everything’s not as bad as you thought it would be. The eye of the hurricane is the calmest part, but it is surrounded by the eyewall where the most severe weather happens. Thunderstorms all around that one part.

When we enter the “eye of the hurricane”, we find that one happy place. You don’t want to leave, I mean who would? Who would want to go back into the place they tried to get away from? But, that’s not where God is. God is not the eye of the storm, no, you will find God waiting for you in the eyewall, ready to help you through the most difficult parts of your life.

It sounds weird, that God isn’t in the safe place. But, you can sure thank him for getting you there safely. But, you also know that hurricanes cannot last forever, can they? However, they never really go away. That’s why God stays by our side, he helps us through the storm. So the next time you find yourself in a storm, always think:

Don’t tell God how big the storm is, tell the storm how big your God is.


Is Satan Good?

Some of you who read that probably scoffed at it and answered right away… NO! Of course Satan isn’t good! Satan means devil! Satan is not good! Well, I was on Facebook, scrolling through random stuff people post and this one caught my eye. I don’t remember who posted it, but it totally grabbed my attention.

It said something like, “If people go down to hell because of all the bad they’ve done, and then Satan punishes them for all the did, does that not make Satan good?” Does that make Satan good? He punishes those who have wronged others. He is the one who chooses the punishment after the judge (God) convicted that person of his or her crimes.

After I read that, I totally blanked out. I always thought that Satan was the evil everywhere. I thought he was every bad guy rolled into one. I thought he was death. I thought he was the total opposite of God, and I read this and think all I thought I knew about Satan is just gone now. Is Satan good for punishing those who deserve it?

I mean, parents are good parents if they discipline their children. That way, when the kids grow up, they know the difference from right and wrong. What to do and what not to do. You believe God is the good guy, then God even flooded the Earth, killing the population except for a couple people. Does that action make him bad?

One thing does not define who you are. I’m quiet. That doesn’t mean I can’t talk to strangers, it doesn’t mean I have nothing to say, it doesn’t mean I hate to talk. Remember, Satan IS evil. He is the one that tempted Jesus. God made so many miracles then and continues to make them today. He saved so many people by sending Jesus to die for us.


TV Show

We all have that one TV show that we have to see. We make time for this show. We clear the room and get a blanket with a bowl of popcorn on our laps. We have the volume set to the perfect level, maybe a little louder than it should be. We shush anyone who speaks when the show is on. Admit it, we all have that one show.

In our lives, many people are asked how often they go to church, or pray, or how long they pray. Me? I try to pray ever night, but those prayers aren’t even a minute long. Me? I try to go to church regularly, well, I can’t really have a say in that because, I can’t drive and my parents make it a priority to go to church (thank you for that).

What about you? How often do you go to church? How often do you pray? How long are your prayers? Do you put much effort into your prayers? Do you actually try to listen to God when you pause? Do you pay attention to the message in the pastor’s service or does your mind wander? Do you listen to the words you say when you recite the Lord’s Prayer?

How come we don’t make God that big of a priority as we do that one TV show? How come we don’t prepare ourselves for him? How come we don’t give him the attention that we give a screen? How come we zone out all voices to hear recorded voices but don’t zone out the littlest noises when praying to God?

I challenge you, for a couple of days, to make time for God. If you can give attention to a screen for an hour, I’m sure you can give God attention for five minutes. Just five minutes is all it will take for you to feel the presence of him in your life. Five minutes can bring him closer to you then ever before.


Feel free to post comments on your progress with God!

Why Would God Love Us?

I remember this one line, I don’t know if it was something I read or something I heard, but it was a conversation between two women. I think they were both believers, but one was having trouble with her faith and she turned to the other and said, “Why would God love us if we only go to him when we are hurting or when we need him?”

The other lady replied right away, but I’m going to tell you what I thought at this time, “That makes sense. Why would God love us if we only went to him when we needed help? Like, he’s of no use to us otherwise. If we only go to him when we need help, why does he stay? Why does he continue to love us?”

The other lady smiles softly as she replies, “If I had a kid, I’d want them to come to me whenever they were hurting, or whenever they needed help.” I ran her words through my head, over and over again. That also made sense, but the thing was, it made more sense. We are children of God, right? He’s our father.

We got to him when we need help, and God feels like a superhero. He’s so happy when we turn to him. He’s smiling when he feels our faith growing in him every time we ask for his help. He feels amazing because we are dependent on him. If we never turned to God when we needed help, God really would have no purpose.

We might not be able to survive without God, but it goes the other way too. If we don’t put our lives in him, how could he help us? What’s HIS purpose if we don’t trust him? All this time I thought it was God keeping me alive, but I was wrong. God needs us just as much as we need him, and that fact makes him a little more human. Which, brings him a little closer to us.


(If anyone finds out what book or show that quote up there is from, please tell me! I really want to know!)

Sticking Around

So, in my room, there’s only one window. Well, before I was even born someone put this rainbow sticker right smack dab in the middle of that window. I even measured how close it was to the middle, and let me tell you, it’s pretty darn close.

Well, lately, I’ve been doing some stuff with my room. I (along with help from my family) repainted the walls and ceiling. I rearranged my room, sorted through my closet. The only thing not new is that sticker.

I’m like, “It’s time for that sticker to go.” I start peeling around the edges, and that doesn’t work. If you ever peeled a sticker, you know sometimes only part of that sticker comes off. And that’s what happened.

The worst part was, the sticky part of that sticker is still on the window. So, I (with hope) started peeling from the opposite side, around the edges, nothing took that sticker off. My mom suggested lighter fluid to get it off, even that didn’t work.

It got me thinking, “This sticker is a lot like God.” And it is. It’s in the middle of your view so you see everything through his eyes. It’s been there since you can remember. It’s colorful, lively. And, even if you try to peel it away, it’s not going anywhere.

I’ve decided to leave the sticker be, so whenever I look out my window I’m reminded of the God who loves me more than anything else in the world. The one who gave his only son for my freedom. He’s sticking around, and, he’ll be there forever unless you replace him.



Death is such an ugly word. Death itself is ugly. No matter how it happens, who it takes, or how long someone or something suffers, death is ugly. Death to me means separation. You are separated forever from someone or something. If my cat Mo died, man, I can’t even imagine that. I would be devastated. Crushed. Mad. Angry. Sad. The list goes on and on.

If anyone who is close to us die, we all feel that pain. We all fell the loss and separation from that person. But worse, we feel regret. We feel regret because we all wish we spent more time with that one person. We wish we would’ve played that game or danced or even took that phone call. We feel regret for not realizing how short life can be.

I think one of the best parts is the funeral. Some might disagree but here are my arguments. The family all gets together. They all share memories, sad and good. They all feel love from everyone else in that whole church. Everyone can cry and not be ashamed. We all get to learn something of that person we never learned before.

Recently, my family lost an amazing person. She was, seriously awesome and I have no idea. She volunteered for everything and anything really. She gave her blood, I think something around 30 pints of blood. I never knew that. I never knew my great aunt was that person. I certainly am not.

I regret not getting to know her. But, she left this post-it note for my family, saying “See you later”. And that right there is the best part. No one says goodbye. No. We will not never see them again. They are waiting in heaven for us to come home and sit in the house of the Lord our God forever and ever,

Amen. See you later.